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A Little bit About Me

I help women in midlife find their passion

I found my passion at a very young age.  I started working in theatre when I was 11. I absolutely LOVED it!  I ate, drank & slept theatre.  I earned a BFA in technical theatre and had a pretty great career. Then in my mid-thirties I began to wonder if I was doing this because I still loved it or because it was what I knew.

I have a passion for learning and often delve into new things to explore, but when I hit my mid-forties I began to realize that there were still SO MANY things that I still wanted to try… was age now becoming an issue? I had always wanted to study martial arts, but hadn’t for various reasons.  At 47, I luckily found a fantastic Kung Fu Sifu to learn from.  Am so truly glad that I took that chance!

I know that life can be hard and heavy.  After 40 it can be difficult to find energy for anything new.  Sometimes we just feel lucky that we survived the day!  I’ve been divorced, a single mom, put myself through college… I switched careers in my 50’s and started a new business.  I know that the ups and downs of life are exhausting!

I also know that the right spark, that flicker of curiosity, can bring boundless energy and an insatiable interest to learn, to want, to get out there and do more.  Let me help you uncover it!  You’ve made it this far in life! You’re a warrior!  You’ve fought and survived to make it to where you are.  For what…?  

So, tell me, warrior, what’s next?

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