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We start by discussing who you are. What do you like? What stirs your soul? What do you enjoy doing? Maybe you’re an awesome multi-tasker and the go-to person whenever someone needs help organizing a party, but you’ve always wanted to learn how to fly a plane and get your pilot’s license. In this step we’ll make sure you honor your passion by focusing on the person you are now instead of the party-giving woman people think you “should” be or the party-going woman you were in your 20s! The result? You’ll identify passions that really get you excited about life, deeply resonate, and make you feel good today!


In this step we will focus on your top three passions and explore what about each resonates with you and why. Maybe you thought that it’s a pilot’s license that you always wanted, but realize it’s really the thrill of freedom while touring the country in an RV. By digging deeper into your choices, we will learn what truly stirs your soul, what motivates you and makes you want to jump out of bed each morning. We will also explore how each of these passions will affect your life and which you want to incorporate that will create the change you’re craving! Reimagine your daily life!


In this step we will focus on one of your passions and identify how you can make it happen. Sometimes even making positive changes can be difficult. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having your own bakery, but worry you don’t have enough business experience to be successful. We’ll look at how you can break your dream to own a bakery into smaller, realistic and achievable goals. Perhaps it’s time to take a business course or sell cakes to family and friends so you can learn how to manage expenses. By setting small goals and taking small s tips you’ll have the time you need to take in new information and more opportunities to recognize and celebrate your successes. The result? A comfortable approach that works for you and progress that’s invigorating, not overwhelming! We’ll also take this opportunity to identify the support systems you need in place to st ay strong and confident as you continue to consistently move forward. The result? A way to set goals that reflect your passions so that you can honor who you are now and be excited about your future.


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